So Young People Grow Up Healthy

What is SHIFT NC?

SHIFT NC is a statewide nonprofit leading North Carolina to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health. The NC Youth Connected intitiative is a partnership of SHIFT NC.

Formerly the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina, SHIFT NC’s partnerships and initiatives have helped North Carolina reduce teen pregnancy to historic lows.

What is SHIFT NC’s mission?
Leading North Carolina to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health.

Where is SHIFT NC located?
SHIFT NC’s main office is in Durham, NC, with remote staff in Fayetteville and the Charlotte area. Our NC Youth Connected project staff are routinely in the communities they serve. NC Youth Connected also provides funding for staff positions in local partner organizations providing direct support to youth and families.

What kind of work does SHIFT NC do?
SHIFT NC works with local organizations and community groups to help them use effective strategies to promote adolescent health. By increasing awareness, disseminating data, improving policy, supplying professional development, and providing leadership, we are empowering North Carolina’s professionals to support healthy youth development. Our approach uses successful, evidence-based methods to make a positive change for teen pregnancy prevention, HIV and STIs, healthy development, sexuality, and relationships.

Does SHIFT NC work directly with teens?
We do not generally provide direct services to teens. Instead, we partner with local organizations to help them build capacity to address issues like teen pregnancy in effective ways.  

Where does SHIFT NC get its funding?
The majority of SHIFT NC’s funding comes from a series of highly competitive federal grants. In addition, SHIFT NC receives funding from private foundations and individual donors.

Is SHIFT NC an ideological or religious group?
No. SHIFT NC is not a religious or partisan organization, and we work with a broad cross-section of people. SHIFT NC takes a public health approach to adolescent health issues and looks to research on the most effective ways to help teens be and stay healthy

What is SHIFT NC’s position on abortion?
SHIFT NC does not work on the topic of abortion, and neither supports nor opposes it. When it comes to teen pregnancy, our primary focus has always been on prevention.