Training and Technical Assistance for Professionals

Our trainings for professionals are designed to provide access to innovative resources,  learning modules and evidence-based interventions to youth serving organizations, faith leaders, educators and healthcare providers. Come grow your knowledge with us!

If you would like additional information or would to discuss which program would be the best fit for your practice or organization, please contact the NC Youth Connected Community Coordinator at or call (919) 226-1880 ext. 112.

Initiating The Topic of Sexual Health

Sparking Conversations: Talking with Teens about Sexual Health

Talking to patients about sexual health is important! However more needs to be done to make this conversation comfortable for both patient and provider. Research shows that:

  • 74% of providers rely on their patients to initiate a discussion about sexual health
  • 73% of patients prefer that the healthcare provider bring up that topic*

This interactive workshop is designed to help make visits positive and beneficial for the teen. This is an excellent opportunity for teen-serving professionals to improve their communication skills so they never miss an opportunity to support adolescents’ healthy decisions

Tips for SERVING Teens

Creating a Teen Friendly Practice

Communicating with adolescent patients about their sexual health is an essential part of patient care. Routinely addressing sexual health issues can de-stigmatize the subject of sex and increase patients’ comfort level in seeking care. This training will explore topics including minors' rights to care, confidentiality, and tips for talking with teens. This training is ideal for medical care providers who want to better serve their youth clients.

Referring teens to care

Connecting Teens to Healthcare

Want to make a good referral for teens in your life? Our Connecting Teens to Healthcare training is designed for youth serving professionals in mind. Participants will learn how to make referrals they feel good about knowing the right avenues to teen-friendly services and adolescent medical care. This training will cover the following:

  • Major barriers teens face in accessing health care
  • Identify teen-friendly health centers in their community
  • Steps to making a good referral