October is Let's Talk Month

Let’s Talk Month is an opportunity for parents and children to learn to communicate in an open honest manner about sexuality and other sensitive issues. Such discussions can help young people delay sex and avoid unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Research shows that adolescents prefer their parents to be their sex educators. Moreover, teens often need more information, guidance, and open discussions with their families.

Families can play a pivotal role in helping young people make healthy decisions about sex. Most parents want the opportunity to share their values and provide their children with accurate information about sexuality. But often, parents and other adults feel uncomfortable discussing sexuality. Often, they need assistant and support in starting meaningful conversations.


parent and Child Communication

There’s no denying it: As a parent, you are your child’s first sexual health educator. It’s an important role to play. Check out our resources and programming to help ensure you instill your kid with facts, values, a healthy outlook, and the ability to make good decisions.

Let’s Talk Month is the time of year when we:

  • Encourage parents to talk to their kids about sex
  • Help parents know what to say and how to say it
  • Prompt a greater conversation about how whole communities can help keep kids healthy

Why talk about sex?

Whether your children are 2 or 22, what you say can play a role in how healthy, safe, and responsible they are for the rest of their lives. Talking to your children will help them.

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Need tips for Talking?

What you say is largely up to you and what you think is right for your child. Here are some key strategies that can work for all parents.

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