Teen Pregnancy in North Carolina

North Carolina's teen pregnancy rate has declined significantly over the past two decades, but remains above the national average, with additional differences from county to county.

Teen Pregnancy Rates, ages 15-19, 2005-2014*

*Source: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics.

Taking action

What happens when a whole community works together to reduce teen pregnancy rates? Big progress, that's what!

Teen pregnancy is a complex issue, and is best addressed using a coordinated, multi-pronged approach. By working together, leaders from key systems and organizations - schools, the medical community, parents, nonprofits, faith leaders, youth-serving systems - gain a clear understanding of priority steps to addressing teen pregnancy.

In 2010, a pilot project called Gaston Youth Connected worked to engage the entire community to use the most effective approaches possible to improve teen pregnancy rates. And it worked! Teen pregnancy rates fell dramatically - by half! - and the community was successful at tackling some of its toughest teen health issues.