NC Youth Connected Sponsors Lets Talk Month to Encourage Parent-Child Communication around Sexual Health

Fayetterville, N.C. (October 3, 2016) – Parents can be the first and most important sexual health educators in their children’s lives. However, not all parents are comfortable with or have the resources to discuss sexual health with their children. NC Youth Connected, a signature initiative of SHIFT NC, is sponsoring Let's Talk Month this October as an opportunity for parents and children to learn to better communicate in an open and honest manner about sexual health. 

Celebrated every October, ‘Let's Talk Month’ is a national public education campaign to help parents and their children navigate a path to a healthy life where young people can make healthy and responsible decisions around sex. ‘Let’s Talk Month’ equips parents with facts, advice and tips so parents can take advantage of the teachable moments that occur every day. Watching a TV show, the birth of a child, or listening to a favorite hit song are all moments parents and their children can use to discuss sexuality and reinforce the family’s values or beliefs.

“At SHIFT NC, we believe parents want to talk to their children about sex, but many parents don’t always know where to start,” said Janeen Gingrich, Interim CEO at SHIFT NC. “Let’s Talk Month is designed to support parents in becoming an "askable’ parent and a powerful influence on their children’s lifelong health.”

Not only is ‘Let’s Talk Month’ helpful to parents about speaking with their children about sexual health, but it also encourages youth to feel more comfortable about bringing up the topic with their parents on their own. In order for young people to make healthy choices about sex, they have the right to open and honest, age-appropriate information and to have a trusted adult that they can talk to. Studies show that youth whose parents are open and comfortable about sex were less prone to engage in sexual risk behavior.

NC Youth Connected has created brochures, posters and other resource materials for community use. All materials are available for download.. In addition, throughout the month of October, SHIFT NC will post quick tips on how to be an “askable” parent and other facts on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Parents and their children are encouraged to join the conversation using the hash tag #LetsTalkMonth.

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