Teen Pregnancy in Cumberland County

North Carolina is one of the nation’s most advanced states when it comes to collecting teen pregnancy data. While many states only collect teen birth rates, North Carolina collects teen pregnancy rates that include births, abortions, and fetal deaths. Knowing how many teen pregnancies occur each year gives us a better sense of how to approach prevention.

It's important to remember that teen pregnancy rates are also a fairly conservative representation of teen pregnancies. Because rates rely on county and clinic reports and because North Carolina's formula doesn't account for miscarriages, you should assume that your teen pregnancy rate and numbers do not count every, single pregnancy.

2015 Cumberland county data chart.png

And did you know...

1.     More than 9 Cumberland County teens get pregnant each week.

Teen pregnancy rates in Cumberland County have been decreasing since 2009, but Cumberland County’s teen pregnancy rate is still 45% higher than the statewide North Carolina teen pregnancy rate. Of 100 counties across the state, Cumberland has the 18th highest teen pregnancy rate. (Source : NC State Center for Health Statistics)

2.     Teen pregnancy in Cumberland County disproportionately affects older teens and young people of color.

One myth to dispel is that teen pregnancy rates are high in Cumberland County because of pregnancies among younger teens. We know that 20% of the teen pregnancies in Cumberland County are among teens ages 15-17. (Source: NC State Center for Health Statistics)

3.     Teen pregnancy is deeply tied to issues you care about.

While many teen parents are fantastic parents – especially when they have strong support systems – the truth is that unplanned teen pregnancies are connected to many other issues that matter to Cumberland County residents: child abuse, poverty, domestic violence, graduation rates, military readiness, and more.

4.     The community supports comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention initiatives.

In a representative, phone survey of Cumberland County residents, 97% of residents surveyed agreed that teaching teens about sexual health will help them grow up to be healthy adults. Furthermore, 97% of residents surveyed believe that a teen pregnancy prevention program should be offered to teens in Cumberland County, and 79% of residents surveyed believe that this programming should include information on both abstinence and medically-accurate information on birth control and condoms. (Source: Cumberland County Community Resident Survey)

5.     Cumberland County has the chance to make major progress!

The NC Youth Connected initiative is an opportunity to bring the entire community together to support teen health and build a stronger Cumberland County. The initiative is designed to reduce teen pregnancy by more than 50% - all by supporting and engaging parents, youth-serving professionals, the faith community, and healthcare providers.